Fortified Home

Lead with the Roof

When you think about a home, “having a roof over your head” is the most basic level of need. Yet this protection can be threatened by severe weather. When a roof fails, it can kick-start a cascade of damage to both a home’s interior and its structure. In fact, according to IBHS, in most years roof-related damage is responsible for 70–90 percent of total insured residential catastrophic losses, depending on specific weather events. As startling as that statistic may be, it fails to capture the gravity of the human consequences and loss that results from roof failures—damaged homes and businesses disrupt daily life, break up families, derail careers, and destroy financial security. That’s why it is critical for homeowners, business owners and communities to protect roofs from the effects of severe weather.

The FORTIFIED Roof™ program was created to provide a set of resilient construction standards for strengthening roofs against natural disasters.